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there. had them yesterday. this morning, they're generally east and west of us. so we're in the clear for the most part. that's allowed temps into drop into the -- to drop into the low 50s in many areas, along the bay annapolis still warm at 61 with mid 50s easton and cambridge. the cooler temperatures just a touch of fog generally west of town although frederick now down to three quarter mile visibility. petersburg down to zero and culpeper at a half mile. patchy fog right now and temps this afternoon in a nice spot. upper 70s to low 80s. monika samtani it's 5:00 a.m. how we looking? not bad at all. it's friday morning light everybody and i'm happy to say you will enjoy your trip at least right now as you head to the beltway or 270 or 95 from baltimore. no problems on the beltway itself outer loop from college park all the way across to bethesda you will be fine and all of the major corridors
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headed there as well. south on 270. at least right now at route 109 it's absolutely fine. this time to the maps to southern maryland. route 5, route 4, route 301 and 210 headed for the beltway is fine. no problems arnold andrews air force base and northbound 95 in springfield just bunching up a bit here at the beltway. i'll be back with more coming up. millions placed orders for the iphone 5 last week and today you can start ordering the latest iphones in apple stores. >> who knew? those in need are lining up to get it. not just the people buying, the people selling services to go with the iphone. kristin fisher is live this morning at the big apple store in clinton. good morning kristin. >> reporter: this line is already almost 100 people deep. and the line at the apple store in georgetown almost as long. just massive amount of crowds. only at 5:00 in the morning. and i got to tell you what, look at this picture because
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somebody posted on twitter on tuesday, tuesday, the first person in line here at the store here. now i'm talking a little bit quietly because that person is actually sound asleep right now. but i'm dying to ask him if he did indeed wait here since tuesday. let's talk about the new features of the new iphone 5 that everyone is talking about. that people here are willing to camp out overnight for. the first thing you will notice when you pick up the iphone 5 is just how much lighter it is. it's 20% lighter than the iphone 4s. you'll also notice the bigger display. the screen display went from 3.5 to 4 inches. but the overall height of the phone only about a third of an inch taller. you shouldn't notice too much of a difference in your hands. the other big thing people are talking about. the lightning connector. it means that it's incompatible with the roughly 350 billion -- million iphone and ipod accessories on the market.
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some slight issues there. performance, graphics, twice as fast. lge wireless. but even with all that you've got better battery life. in a day of o heavy usage you can easily get over 14 hours of battery life. then the other cool new feature is the panorama mode for camera. there were two big areas with no upgrades that people were really looking forward to and that is the camera. other than that, panorama mode and the storage capacity. no real changes there. but by and large, the reviews are out and most people seem to think that you know, this is the iphone that apple geeks have been waiting for. and you know jessica, mike, help me out here. i don't think i remember seeing these kinds of lines for the iphone 4s. because you know, it was so similar to the iphone 4. but people have really been waiting for apple's new redesign and this is it and just check out this line. it wraps all the way around up past the barnes & noble here at
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market commons. and you know, more and more people just keep coming out. there's people you know, if they're sleeping bags -- with their sleeping bags and chairs and you can expect this line to just keep on growing as the morning continues. hey guys, good morning. not a bad night to sleep out. you lucked out i mean this is some really nice weather. then we have the have man at the front of the line -- gentleman at the front of the line. yes, they tell me this guy. he's been out here since tuesday. can you believe that? jessica. mike? >> it's truly amazing, it's a study in marketing like none other. colleges should learn about that. >> and kristin is correct. the iphone 4s there were not lines like that because a lot of people said it's not that different. we're not going to get off the couch. still became a record setter but she's absolutely right. >> it's still amazing to watch everything do this. >> not an iphone guy? what's going on? >> what am i? >> i've got mine right here. he's a contrarian kristin. >> yes i am. good to see you kristin.
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>> yes. bye. in other news, we have an update on yesterday morning's lead story. investigators now tell us the remains found on the railroad tracks in manassas are not human. the bag of remains was found during wednesday night's commute. and forced vre to halt the trains, buses had to take hundreds of commuters the their vre stations. it is 5:05. now to campaign 2012 and at this point we are not talking about the presidential race for a change. the race for u.s. senate in virginia is in the spotlight. two former virginia governors are now competing for the open seat. democrat tim kaine is calling for a thaw in that bitter partisanship we see on capitol hill while republican george allen steered his answers back toward the economy. now on the issue of taxes, cain would like to eliminate the bush era tax cuts for wealthy americans and allen opposes that. >> you ought the start off with what the house -- to start off with what the house passed and then look at ideas like
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reforming the tax code. make it more competitive. >> if the tax codes go back to where they were before we were in the longest economic expansion of the united states. that would produce $500 billion in revenue. >> now despite the polls, that show kaine with a comfortable lead in the race, george allen believes it will end up being a close race. it is 5:06 and i am watching your money. on one street investor -- wall street investors got another reminder that the unemployment was weak. now stocks mixed on the news. checking the numbers -- a security problem with spent explorer could expose -- internet explorer could expose personal computers to hacking attacks. after wednesday, today microsoft plans to release a permanent repair to the security flaw. the solution will be automatically installed on pcs
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that run on microsoft windows epurating system. if the -- windows' operating system. if the machine is set up to receive important updates. it requires clicking on a link. the d.c. area hogs seven of the top ten spots in the country when it comes to being affluent. loudoun county is the most affluent in the nation yet again according to data. median households $119,000. fairfax came at number two, arlington in third. howard county rounds out the top five. prince william and fauquier counties rank seven and eight and montgomery comes in tenth. with a median household income just under $93,000. baseball playoffs? washington? you got that right. the nationals are in baby for the first time in deck kids. >> nationals' fans, the wait is over! >> pretty cool. with that pitch from drew storen the nationals won last night's game. guaranteeing them a spot in the
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postseason. the franchise hasn't been in the playoffs since they were the expos and they went back in 1981. d.c., our region hasn't had a baseball playoff contender in 79 years, that's 1933. >> this is awesome. >> wonderful. >> 79 years. >> the expos. but we're not the expos anymore. >> absolutely fantastic. this is awesome. >> we're the nats. >> bigger and better things to come in the next coming weeks here for the nationals. >> indeed. we have reaction from the nationals' players in sports and of course when you can get the playoff tickets. so exciting. in the meantime president obama has a timeline to withdraw combat troops from afghanistan by 2014. >> and as of this morning, a significant group of u.s. troops has now left the country. that story coming up. >> plus, it might not be a good day to be driving in california as millions of people will be stopping for a glimpse of this. the shuttle endeavour on its final flight.
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welcome back, ten after 5:00 on this friday morning. your weather first and another good day ahead. yesterday mid 70s today a little bit warmer and still very very nice. looking at tea planner expecting -- the day planner, expecting sunshine and maybe a couple of passing clouds this afternoon. by lunchtime 75 and winds south at about 5 to 10. 80 at 3:00. evening plans just going to go outside and eat dinner on the cafe maybe the patio? looking good 77 at 6:00. let's go over to monika now with first look at timesaver traffic -- second locatable at timesaver traffic. 95 between baltimore and the beltway here at 495, no
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problems to report. and then if you're planning to head on 270 things look good as well route 109 down to the point where the lanes divide. right now no delays, i'll be back with more coming up in a few minutes at 5:18. back to you guys. making news now at 5:11. the suspect in the colorado movie massacre looked very different in court on thursday. james holmes' bright orange hair gone. he now has short brown hair, a beard and a mustache. in the hearing prosecutors dropped their efforts to get access to a notebook that holmes sent to a therapist shortly before the july shooting where 12 people were killed. nearly two years after the president ordered an additional 33,000 troops to be deployed in afghanistan. those surge troops have now left the country. defense secretary leon panetta says the troop surge accomplished its objectives to reverse the taliban momentum on the battlefield. 68,000 u.s. troops remain in the war zone. remember everybody checking out the skies for glimpse of the shuttle discovery flying
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over washington? such a great day. today that's going to happen in california with the shuttle endeavour, the 747. the shuttle on its way back to takeoff from andrews air force base is going to fly over san francisco and later los angeles before landing at l. a. x.. they're a handful of new movies in theaters this weekend. that's coming up in just a few minutes. 5:55. >> and at 5:38, it's the second week of our couch to 5 k series, i am trying to get in shape. trying my best. >> next at 5:15, howard has some cooler weather coming up in the seven day forecast. we will be right back.
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weather first time. we're like which one? who's going to introduce in the great howard bernstein we'll get the weather out. the first man of weather is here with a beautiful forecast. >> the weather? you're just coming up with gems today. >> i'm on cold medication. >> is that what it is. >> just like fire only different. >> weather-wise oh within on a -- we've been on a roll the last couple of days and another good day today to finish out summer with fall officially beginning tomorrow at 10:49 in the morning. the look at the bus stop forecast, comfortably cool in? areas and not as chilly though the last couple of mornings, we've got 50 for our cold spot right now with 52 to 62 germly at the bus stop. -- generally at the bus stop.
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clear and cool conditions. sunrise at 6:55. for the day nice looking day planner once again. lunchtime is great recess 75. this afternoon, 4:00 80. probably about 82 for the high. and as we get to the evening and even tonight 8:00, 72 degrees. a perfect evening maybe to go for a stroll or just have some dinner outside. half mile visibility in culpeper some fog this morning. frederick three quarters and petersburg zero in the mountains. d.c. points south and east will look pretty good. the temps are chilly. 49 in bladensville. one spot in the 40s this morning. 53 in college park and 52 in laurel. in laurel county, haymarket and leesburg checking in with 54. outside on our michael & son weather camera, still quite dark again an hour and 40 minutes give or take until the sunrise. here's wisconsin avenue looking good this morning. get out now traffic no problems. in most areas, monika will be along in just a moment. 60 in town with calm winds and humidity at 80% under partly
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cloudy skies. temperature trend over the next few days shows the cooler air and the great lakes down through the midwest and it's going to be diving off to the south and east. look at this by saturday, it's going to head down to kansas city and st. louis. only near 70 for highs. we're going to be ahead of the cold front so we'll be in the mid 80s tomorrow. but by sunday, the colder air heads our way. we'll only be about 70 for the high in marquette barely be 50 so yeah a nice shot of fall- like a air moving in just too time. big storm, you can see this thing spinning here in the upper great lakes and south central canada. a lot of showers underneath it and colder air. a cold front ahead of it producing showers and a couple of storms. tomorrow afternoon taking its time. so expect that. futurecast is all quiet today. looks like any showers may be up into pennsylvania now and not really worrying about that until tomorrow afternoon and evening. today looks pretty nice again 8 #. tonight about 65 in town. cool spots upper 50s.
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tomorrow 85. some afternoon evening showers and storms here and there. although pretty good day for for the most part of the time -- most of the time. sunday is good crisp and cooler. only arnold 70. skins at home with the bengals and you can see that on channel 9 at 1:00 on sunday. monday is good too. temperature around 70. here comes monika with your timesaver traffic. thank you so much howard. i've had nothing but good news this morning. i'm going to keep my fingers crossed that it stays that way. the beltway is looking great. there are no issues coming in from the west on the dulles toll road or 66 we're fine all the way to the beltway and no issues to report on the beltway itself. a live look in centreville on the inbound side of i-66 and again the lanes are open just a tiny bit of volume forming but no delays yet through the area. back to the maps the time heading to the other side. route 50 from annapolis to bw parkway out of laurel and greenbelt and 95 from laurel to the beltway. all incident-free and a live look at the beltway near kenilworth avenue. you can see the cones set aside for the morning and all of the
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lanes are open. back be more coming up -- with more coming up a at 5:25. tens of thousands of nationals fans witnessed history. >> a d.c. baseball team is in the playoffs for the first time since the 1930s. we'll hear from the players coming up in sport. >> so exciting we're going to take another look now at the question of the day -- >> hmm. one of our facebook friends donna herd wrote -- >> happy friday to you donna. log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page and leave your response. we're going to have the answer in the 6:00 hour. >> and if you get the right answer, you have a chance to win a $50 gas card. yesterday's winner allison kurtz. today the is the final day -- the final day.
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this is the last card. the winner will be randomly chosen. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. 5:22. on this friday morning. looking good once again. it's been a pretty good weather week once we got past tuesday. look at these temperatures this morning in the low 50s to about 60 right now. as we head toward 9:00, we could be seeing a little bit of fog south and west of town. that's going to burn off pretty quickly. lunchtime looks great low to mid-70s here even east of town we got mid 70s if easton and
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cambridge and andrews. lunchtime excuse me not lunchtime, mid-afternoon upper 70s to low 80s for highs looking good. mike and jess. it has been almost 75 years since playoff baseball was here in the nation's capital and tickets go on sale at 10:00 this morning. >> dave owens was at nationals park last night when the team clinched a spot in the postseason. >> what a night out here at nationals park. 30,000 came to witness something quite frankly folks they never thought they'd see. the nats trying to clinch a playoff berth and this is how they did it against the dodgers. in the bottom of the 3rd, ryan zimmerman getting et done. doubling to deep left driving in bryce harper to make it 1-0. 2-0 after that. the dodgers get one back in the 4th. then in the nats' half of inning, danny espinosa goes to work with his own audio daily
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double. ian desmond the birthday boy scores to make it 4-1 nats. drew storen versus hanley ramirez. dr. drew wins, the nats going to the playoffs 4-1 the final. >> fortous to be guaranteed to play in a playoff game. for what they've been throw is you know it's very special. >> we want to say thanks to them for holding on. it's got to be tough holding on. i know that being a rams fan and everything. >> we always believe in ourselves, we know the talent we have on this team and for our fans to come out and know what was on the line and to win the game and to hear them be as excited as they were. it was just a great feeling to be on the field you know almost kind of send chills through you. >> here's how big of a deals this. it's the first time a d.c. area baseball team going to the playoffs since 1933. 91 wins is a nats' record.
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the expos had more in their heyday of course. the magic number though to clinch the dig is now eight and whoever -- division and now eight and whoever thought we would say that? all right, have a great friday everybody again the nats winning it 4-1 clinching a playoff berth. this time it's president obama who's slipped up on the campaign trail. more on that story next. >> and we're going to head out live to one of the local area stores, crowds are gathering, no they're not giving away free money to people here. they are waiting for a chance to buy the iphone 5. monika? >> on the southbound side of i- 270 no issues to report, shady grove road down to the point where the lanes divide and this is pretty much what it looks like on all the major thoroughfares to the north. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 5:30. you're watching 9news now. stay with us.
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welcome back. 5:28 right now on this friday morning.
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i'm jessica doyle in for andrea roane. >> it's great to see you. how are you? i'm mike hydeck. why are you laughing? >> because i just ran over here. >> well done. >> he's like -- hello. >> this is monika samtani. i'll speak for her she's a little out of breath. she'll have traffic in a moment. >> should i take longer to do weather so you can catch your breath? she's in great shape. she works out a lot. weather-wise we are doing well here. isn't that title of your thing? >> yes it is. >> more like fit after 25. >> check her out. >> let's get to weather huh? we've got temperatures this morning in the 50s and 60s. noontime temp going to be great 75 and 5:00 79 degrees. it is going to be a beautiful day with a high temperature in the low 80s. we're looking at satellite and radar now. and have some high clouds over us yesterday. this morning though mainly east and west of us, so clear skies down to 50 in frederick. culpeper 52 with 61 on the bay.
5:30 am
the coolest spots especially away from water well a little bit of fog. visibility down to a half mile in frederick and to the west a quarter mile in culpeper and in the mountains in petersburg with temperatures this afternoon upper 70s to low 80s. hooking great here comes monika with timesaver traffic. thank you for taking your time with that. i caught my breath now and things look good outside on the interstates and on the beltway west side of town. gw parkway as well. inside the beltway, traveling into downtown you're fine no problems on 66 to the roosevelt bridge. a live look outside and show you what it looks like first. if you're planning to head northbound on 95 as well in virginia, and you can see that of course you've got the volumes that's what you expect e single morning and no big delays leaving route 644 right now. backout maps this time to the -- back to the maps this time to the north side of town. northbound i-95 little bit of traffic now to the triangle but still good to woodbridge and the occoquan river. one more last live lock outside in centreville, inbound 66 still looking good to fairfax
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and the beltway. i'll be back at 5:38. see you then monika. thank you. in campaign 2012 this morning after mitt romney spent basically much of the week explaining a video from a private fundraiser now comes is misstep from president obama. >> it came yesterday in florida. the president was speaking as a spanish forum. his republican challenger appeared at the same event on wednesday. president obama was talking about how to do things differently inside the beltway. >> you can't change washington from the inside. you can only change it from the outside. >> he said he can't change washington from inside. he can only change it from outside. well, we're going to give him that chance in november. >> florida is a key state with its 28 electoral votes but president obama is headed back to northern virginia today. he has a stop in woodbridge before heading to ohio. mitt romney will be campaigning in nevada. just 75 days after the
5:32 am
election, whoever wins will be sworn in as president and preparations for the inaugural are officially underway. with thursday's driving in of the ceremonial first nail it marks the start of construction on the platform where the next president and vice president will take their oaths of office january 21st. so do you love the iphone? are you excited about the iphone 5? many of you are skipping work today if you didn't order it online like jessica did last week. the iphone 5 comes out in stores today and people are flocking to the stores. kristin fisher the standing by at then -- is standing by at the apple store in clarendon where more than 100 people are camping out. ridiculous kristin. >> reporter: the black curtains are up as apple employees set up the top secret iphone 5 display in the apple store in clarendon but outside check out the line. about 107 people camped out overnight to be first in line to get the new iphone 5. now
5:33 am
most of these people showed up really over the last 24 hours. but the first person in line get this -- he has been here since tuesday afternoon at 2:00. you have camped out for three nights. tuesday, wednesday, thursday night. >> yep. >> reporter: i can't decide if you are awesome or crazy. >> i think it's a little president of both actually. it's definitely crazy and probably awesome. >> reporter: so why? why have you been out here for so long? >> i've stood in line for a bunch of the iphones. this one i wanted to be first. i said i'm going to do whatever i have to do. i took a couple of days off work and camped out here. >> reporter: you've been picking some pretty nice nights to camp out here. >> tuesday night it rained a little bit. but i survived. but yeah it's been great weather. and it's been great scenery just people watching and meeting all these interesting people walking by. >> reporter: he's become something of aislingrity since he's been sitting -- a celebrity since he's been sitting out here. what is it about the iphone 5 that will make you wait three days for it?
5:34 am
>> i've waited a couple hours for each one and like i said i've been in line before. i want to be first. so i said it didn't matter what i got to do. >> reporter: all right. now he's been here sense tuesday. the next person in line, number two, showed up 48 hours later. you're maybe -- you've seem like you're not nearly as much as a diehard fan as this guy but still pretty impressive. >> waiting in line for 48 hours is crazy. >> reporter: what feature are you most looking forward to? >> the bigger screen. lighter thinner faster: those are really the things i'm looking for. >> reporter: we've got the new adapter, are you looking forward to that? some people love it and others are worried it's not going to work with all the new accessories. >> it makes it lighter and thinner and they haven't changed in what four releases? compared it to samsung phones where they change it every time the phone comes out. >> reporter: lighter thinner faster an all-around much
5:35 am
better phone. people here clearly so excited. mike you're not a big iphone guy but i tell you what. if i had not just gotten the iphone 4s i probably wouldn't be camped out in line and probably would have preordered like miss jessica doyle. >> what does it smell like out there? three days on the sidewalk? do they have an app for showering on the sidewalk? >> reporter: you know that's an excellent question. what have you been doing for showers? >> i'm a marine. so i -- can go a couple of days without showering. >> a couple of days no shower. there you go, hard cone iphone apple geeks out here. back to you in the studio. >> thank you kristin fisher. prince george's county police have arrested two men accused of selling phony iphones. investigators say the men were selling them the fakes, in landham. maryland and they got tipped to the scam by a nearby business owner who saw the transactions taking place outside their stores. police say they took 47-year- old daniel parker and 25-year- old harold parker into custody
5:36 am
after an undercover officer actually purchase id one of the phones. the sexual assault of a deaf woman. she was the victim and she does not use american sign language. investigators are writing out questions for her. the attack happened early last saturday when the rosslyn metro station. the woman was trying the find a cab to -- to find a cab when the attacker grabbed her and pulled her into a alley. the victim bit his hand and kept fighting until she escaped. the investigators are scouring nearby surveillance cameras to identify a suspect. the week marks the 150th anniversary of the drafting of the emancipation proclamation of course to free the slaves here in america. and in northwest washington a signed copy of that draft is going on display tomorrow at lincoln's cottage. our 16th president spent much of his time away from the house at the home on randolph street. the copy will be on display through the end of february.
5:37 am
well, we've gotten another glimpse of the most talked about bay bay in town. the new panda at the national zoo. watch very carefully as the mother carefully picks up the squealing cub in her mouth before putting it on the ground and grooming it a little bit. zoo keepers say she's a good mom and always tending to the cub when it squawks. have you joined me yet on my quest to get in better shape? today's couch to 5 k report is coming up. >> you can do it. still ahead a bunch of new movies opening in theater today. keep it here.
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welcome back. 5:39. your weather first. i'm out on the weather terrace and boy does it feel good. i hope you have the windows open and took advantage of the refreshing air mass that's in place. as we're going to warm up here the next couple of days. looking at the day planner we start cool and we have a touch of fog here and there but sunshine today. 75 by noon. 3:00 80. that will be close to the high. i'm forecasting a high of 82
5:40 am
and by 6:00 still really nice, 77. we have some showers in the weekend forecast. that's coming up in a few. right now here's monika samtani with timesaver traffic. and here's a live look at south capitol street as you head inbound to downtown area. by the way there's an accident southbound kenilworth avenue right at route 50. it involved a tractor-trailer, so expect some delays getting by. back with more traffic coming up at 5:50. ♪ you want to shape up? get off the couch! couch to 5k with jessica doyle. >> so i have a friend this week, we're running in arizona i believe. grand canyon. last week. >> that's hysterical. >> last week we were in hawaii so this is where i'm bringing you today mike hydeck. this is week two of my couch to 5k program. first what i want to do is give a shoutout to our couch to 5k
5:41 am
facebook friends. this is ron larken. we're going to show that to you. he is committed to doing the program with me and you can do it too. there's ron. he bought some new sneakers this week. you can jump in anytime. it doesn't mean you can't start week one or in the future something else. this is a run walk run program. week two went pretty well for me except i had a common complaint. hey fellow couch potatoes, i am about to do my second week of runs starting today. it's been pretty good. the only thing that i complain about is i -- back was a little bit tender last week and i know some of you have reported that you've got some tender spots as well. little bit sore. >> sort of yeah. >> we -- we can always take advice on how not to get hurt. and to avoid ouch to 5k i turned to the fittest guy i know for advice, don't overdo it early on and don't skip the
5:42 am
warmups. >> you don't want to just jump off the couch and into high intensity exercises. warmups are not just standing there and stretching hey let's go run okay? a lot of times i'll run out the door and up the street and all of a sudden running sideways. just side shuffle, backwards. try running backwards. it activates your calf muscles. turns on your quads. skipping. kids love it. grown-ups should too. >> we're skipping. >> that works. >> you know what that really works, it works the back of your calves. it works out a lot and he's right. spend the time to stretch. i trained for a marathon and i took a whole year to train and i got injured once running and i didn't stretch after a one mile run and i got injured after the one mile run. it makes a big difference. >> we're talking about goal setting too. mine is couch to 5 k. maybe you have something else you want to achy. you want to be smart about it. >> you always want to be smart.
5:43 am
i have a lot of clients whose goal is to do one pullup. smart goals mean your goals have to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. >> i find that amazing. okay? so you don't have to do this, it's easy. it's training for 5 k. you can find my advice including my my favorite apps on -- new favorite apps on my blog on tumblr. we have a video on wusa9 where you can find many, many more smart tips from steve. >> look at the guy he's in fantastic shape. still ahead congress is working one final day before they take a six week break. more on that coming up. >> plus, some marine biologists are restoring florida's coral
5:44 am
reef one plant at a time.
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weather first time and it's going to be a beauty on this friday morning. >> yeah, great way to close out summer. this was the hot, dry summer. so -- >> oh man yeah. >> delightful weather now as we're sighing -- saying good- bye to summer. tomorrow fall begins, another good day. yesterday was stellar and today depending on your perspective is going to be as nice maybe nicer with a little bit warmer but i thought yesterday was maybe the top day of the year. here's a look at the bus stop forecast. a comfortably cool start under generally clear skies. a patch of fog in a couple of spots. . thes range from low -- temperatures range from low 50s to low 60s. 6:55 this morning is the sunrise and a good deal of sunshine today. great lunch hour and recess, like jogging there during the lunch break? going to be beautiful for that. 82 for a high. nats, that's right playoff bound nats hosting the brewers
5:48 am
tonight 7:05 first pitch. we start about 74 and finish in the upper 60s. a beautiful night for baseball as well here in the nation's capital. the fog is up in frederick, half mile visibility and in the mountains in petersburg, west virginia. also warrenton culpeper area, some of the rural areas in fauquier county and rappahannock county, some of the visibility is lower. but here in the metro we're doing fine. cumberland and winchester and culpeper all at 52 degrees and outside on our michael & son weather camera, still very dark here in wisconsin avenue. but we're looking nice and dry and quiet. 60 degrees. calm winds. and a humidity at 80%. nationally we're watching this big upper storm across canada still lots of moisture down in florida but this storm in canada which has been drifting over parts of the northern lakes as well bringing some cool cloudy and settled conditions. you see the showers in iowa and minnesota and wisconsin and michigan.
5:49 am
well, this is also going to drive a cold front toward us, that front still out to the west with a few showers and storms and it's not going to make much progress because the upper level winds are sort of parallel to the front. it's going to take its time. doesn't get much of a push. today sunny and see a few showers maybe this afternoon. possibly down toward the cumberland area but i really think it's going to stay up in pennsylvania today. into tonight and into tomorrow morning a few more showers into western new york and western p. a.. middle of the day tomorrow though we start to watch this front over to pittsburgh going to make progress toward us in the afternoon. look by 3:00 some showers, high 81. maybe slipping in to frederick, montgomery county as well could see that. and then later on in the afternoon now we're at 6:00. showers could even see a couple of rumbles of thunder with this. by 10:00 southern maryland, the eastern shore, we're seeing the showers go good-bye and the cooler air moving in for saturday night and sunday after a brief warmup. so the forecast today 82. very nice south winds 5 to 10. tonight not as cool. about 65 in d.c. and 60 north
5:50 am
and west. 85 tomorrow. green borderline yellow and we may change this to yellow by noon with the afternoon shower or thunderstorm threat. by sunday though cool down to only about 70 on sunday afternoon. and some delightful weather to start next week. monday 70 and then we warm back up upper 70s low 80s tuesday into wednesday. here comes monika with timesaver traffic. in the crofton area an accident on the southbound side of route 3 near route 450. crews are heading out there. we're hearing that three vehicles are involved in that accident. on the southbound side of 270 there are no issues to report out of frederick as you head down to clarksburg. just that volume now forming. we'll take a live look outside. show you what it looks like if you're planning to go to 121. this is where it kind of breaks loose to jermantown and down to the point where the lanes divide. back to the maps time to the other side. -- this time to the other side. northbound i-95 slow traffic now as you leave quantico. in woodbridge still okay. bunching up in springfield. another live look outside. this time to the northbound
5:51 am
side of 395, and that's still looking good here in landmark. i'll be back with more traffic coming up at 6:00. jess? thanks monika. we've been combing through the day's daily deals emails and retailer websites to find you some deep discounts. on this friday morning. we're going to start with best buy's deal of the day. it's a 32-inch lcd hdtv just $189.99 and plus free shipping. been meaning to clean your closet? clear space, clear mind is offering two hours of home organization services for $55. that is a 54% savings. this includes a half hour consultation and any location 30 miles outside of d.c.. that's going to cost you travel fee. this is through living social. and make cooking for the football party a family affair with apron. pay $15 for $30 worth of aprons and other kitchen apparel including black leopard rubber gloves from flirty aprons.
5:52 am
these fashionable aprons are for men, women and children. the deal is through groupon. if you have an offer you've seen or if you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. mike? thanks jess. here's what's making news now at 5:352 this morning. nor anti-american protests are expected today across the muslim world over that u.s. made film which mocks islam. thursday more than two dozen people were injured during a demonstration in pakistan and islamabad. a legal effort to get the film removed from the online websites it's on failed yesterday. marine biologist is reporting success in his efforts to rehabilitate the coral reefs in the florida keys. ken heads up a small team at groves coral and then transplants it to areas be there's damage. he's gotten government permission to plant and now he's looking for funding for the program. congressional leaders say the house will wrap up the eight day session today and lawmakers return from the annual august recess but they are going back home this weekend for the final weeks of
5:53 am
campaigning before election day. they will not come back until november 6th after the election. coming upmost washingtonians weren't alive the last time a baseball team from d.c. went to the postseason. this morning all changed. >> dine ed it is and we're excited -- indeed it is and we're excited about it. >> up next reviews of the new movies in theaters.
5:54 am
5:55 am
welcome back. now let's take a look at some of the new movies in theaters this weekend.
5:56 am
"the asters" stars -- masters" stars phillip seymour hoffman. amy adams playing his wife and joaquin phoenix plays one of the followers of his cult-like group. they say it's not about scientology as was once rumored" the house at the end of the street" stars jennifer lawrence who moves to new town with her mother. a young girl killed her parents and that story isn't over yet. whoo. you may remember sylvester stallone starred in the 19995 movie "judge dredd." this time it stars carl urban as a futuristic law enforcer behind the mask. dread takes down a drug dealing gang. and now our entertainment
5:57 am
insider denise fuentes joins us with the reviews. first up "the watch." >> exciting. yes. this is from the same writer who brought us "fast and furious" and "training day." >> why is it unusual though? >> it's shot -- i mean he doesn't waste one second conveying the excitement of what it's like. remember when you walked in shows like this the car chases? and there's a helicopter and the camera is looking down. this is from the inside out. the camera is inside the cop car and you really get a sense of the dangerous of what it's like to be in lapd covering east l. a. and basically trying to arrest somebody. it is exciting. it is violent. and it's sharp and it's well -- it's extremely well abouted and it looks like a valentine to the lapd. >> these two cops and the actors they work well together in the movie don't they? >> they work very well
5:58 am
together. basically bringing that out. the deep affection that can't exist between two partners, two people working together who happen to be male. who have great respect and love for each other. >> now the cartel is after them and boy they have some scary names. >> you know what? they are scary villains, therest no aliens as scary as this gang member. yes, the camera pans and you just see their face. and you see that look. and you're like oh i never want to be a cop facing this guy. >> let's go to the romantic sports comedy of the week, what do you think about "trouble with the curve." >> there's nothing wrong with it. i think any movie -- it's an old-fashioned money ball opposite. remember "money ball." there was this way of figuring out where you took your money and how to get that player? this is the old-fashioned way. the scout for the atlanta braves has fading eyesight and his daughter played by am adams basely has to take time off to help him in the trip to scout
5:59 am
new talent. do his job basically. he basically hears. do you hair the way that you see as much as you can see and you hear that way the ball hits the bat and that tells you everything you need to know. it's old-fashioned. it's very touching. it's moving. it's funny and you know, it has the best thing in movies today. it has clint eastwood. >> right and it might be predictable but it's definitely watching. and we love baseball in this town don't we? >> it's entertainings, any movie we do and any movie that allows you to see clint eastwood one more time doing what he does best. >> no empty chair in this right? we'll take the family to this one. thank you very much. back to you guys. you're watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm jessica doyle. andrea roane is off today. >> happy friday. monika is going to be back, she has timesaver traffic in just a moment. >> right now howard bernstein has the weather first and boy a nice day. >> great way to finish out the week and finish out summer. fall begins tomorrow in the morning and somewhat summer- like. maybe just a little bi

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